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In the Eye of Tiger, Tiger

Heart of the Tiger

Many years ago it was the year of the Tiger and a little cub was born. (Yes it was me, just in case I lost you along the way.)

I love these big cats, and find drawing them particularly gratifying. So recently I had to choose a final work to do for an assignment to complete a course in water colour painting.

I chose a tiger. (You are not surprised, are you?)

I share the result.

I learned the following:

1) Watercolour is not as fast as I was told. Acrylic actually dries faster. I had to work on more than one piece at a time to stop myself from rushing the drying of layers.

2) I love the fact that you can leave areas blank - and no-one will think you were being lazy by leaving it undeveloped, it is part of the plan!

3) Eyes, my favourite part of all animals and humans, are luminous in this medium.

I would love to hear what you think of my learning curve between the above two pieces.

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