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To learn, always learn.

Curiosity killed the cat.... or not.....

I have recently been faced with the reality of marketing art when you are in lock down. In this I am not alone, but I really miss the real life feedback you get at craft fairs and markets. I am that stallholder that watches for the smallest change in facial expression of everyone that stops to look at my art. Everything gets filed away to tell me what I do well for a particular group or audience.

As a Leo (Sun and Moon, as well as Mercury and Venus) which means feedback drives my chariot and allows my creativity to flow. Instead I have been stuck at home and the poor Raccoon has been forced to provide all my feedback. She is looking forward to the markets starting again even more than I am. I think I drove her close to murder a few times recently.... Luckily she is more patient than I am.

So, to keep this cat alive I have started to learn about social marketing through an online academy. Raccoon is relieved as I am now very peacefully occupied, except when she has to give me an opinion on my assignments. There is always a down side....

More next week

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